OCTOBER 4-6, 2019

Tent camping onsite all weekend! Ceremony at 4pm on Sat. Oct. 5, dinner to follow & live music all weekend!

Magical Musical wedding extravaganza!

Our Wedding will be epic! We hope you can come and enjoy it with us!

We will be hosting a 3 day celebration of love, family, music and nature! Which results in us tying the knot! Sure to be a magical time had by all! We invite everyone to come and camp for the weekend, arriving on Friday and staying until Sunday. There is ample space for tent camping. Cars will be parked a few hundred yards away. We will supply wheel barrows to bring in your stuff. And we will have a few pick up trucks, helping people to their campsites as well. There are real bathrooms, showers, running water, and space to roam. There is a full kitchen where we will be providing dinner on Friday evening, brunch on Saturday, and the reception dinner on Saturday evening after our wedding ceremony! There are no fires allowed except for the large campfire ring we all will share each evening, where we will provide smores each night. Please bring your own snacks, alcohol (we'll provide some at times, but better to bring what you prefer!) and propane stoves for any cooking you may want to do in addition to what we supply. Electricity is limited. It will surely be a spectacular time had by all! 


We have the entire Black Oak Ranch for our celebration. We encourage everyone who wants to, to camp with us for the weekend. There are also 17 large teepees, reserved mostly for family and very helpful friends, which make a ring around the fire pit. There are a few motels close by, and we will list details about those at a later date. 

Guests can also choose to come up for the ceremony only.


Our beautiful wedding site is located about 3 hours north of San Francisco, and a few hundred yards off of the 101. We will provide detailed directions as the date approaches. We will also have signage on the hwy to be sure no one gets lost! It is a beautiful rural area.

The 'BobKat' Love Story!

As most of our friends and family already know, we were basically made for each other... it just took us awhile to finally find each other! But everything we did, everything we lived, we loved and we went through, was necessary to bring us to each other! We have been together for almost 5 years, in our awesome town of Petaluma, CA. Bob has a beautiful daughter named Sierra, who lives in Portland, Oregon. And they have a fur baby together, Koda, who is their 2 year old pup! Our love has flourished surrounded by our very special and amazing group of musical, artistic, open minded, KIND group of friends and family. We are all very lucky to have such a strong and eclectic community!

What to bring...


~Sleeping bags pillows, blankets, sleep pads/ air mattress, etc. 

~Camp Chairs

~Camp lights/flashlights

~Foldable table if you want for your camp area. There are no picnic tables. 

~Snacks/Camp Stove if you want to cook for yourself. 

~Alcohol - we plan to provide some sort of a bar (TBD), but it won't be open the entire weekend.

There is electricity at the bathrooms, where you can fill air mattresses and charge phones.


We hope to see you there!

We're hoping to make this wedding an enjoyable one for everyone! Please let us know if you need special accommodations, or have any questions for us!

Home Address - 1346 Skillman Lane, Petaluma, CA 94952, US